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Jesus Lives

Jesus Lives +
Heirs Of Salvation
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Jesus Lives +
A Lamb Has Been Slain
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All Three CDs
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Review: 5/5 stars

Wonderful Country Gospel Music
Discover the musical talents of Heirs of Salvation, Pastors Bobby & Peggy Ewbank, as they serve up wonderful traditional Country Gospel music on their album, "Jesus Lives." This duo lets listeners discover the messages of faith, hope, and love through their well crafted songs. The opener/title cut, "Jesus Lives," is energetic and lively as the Ewbanks sing in harmonious style and grace and is surrounded by the dynamic instruments in good old Country fashion. The song, "I'm On Fire for My Lord," is a rocking number set to powerful lyrics of spirituality. Another song, "Holy Ghost Train to Glory," is vibrant and upbeat as the vocals seize the meaning of devotion with a sharp flowing melody. If you're a fan of traditional Country music and messages of faith, then you will enjoy the finely crafted spiritual songs on, "Jesus Lives."

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01 Jesus Lives
02 Love Fell Upon The Roses
03 I'm On Fire For My Lord
04 Something Happens When You Hear About Jesus
05 Ezekiel
06 Let Me Capture The Heart Of My Lord
07 I Plead The Blood
08 Jesus Is The Key To The Kingdom
09 Holy Ghost Train To Glory
10 Wayfaring Pilgrim